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The Ocak family is a family living in Istanbul in the 70s. Cemal Ocak is trying to support his wife and four children with his auto repair shop. His wife Neriman is her husband's biggest supporter, although she sometimes misleads her children with her dream of a better life. Family is everything for Cemal Ocak, but as his four children with different dreams try to take the wrong path, troubles in the family will be inevitable. While the Ocak family is dealing with all kinds of troubles, Cemal Usta tries to keep his family together and to protect his children unconditionally, despite all the disasters that have befallen them. The greatest legacy he wants to leave to his children is family honor. Season 2 plot: After Orhan came out from prison, he goes to look for his friend's daughter, whom he met in prison. This is how the paths of Hasret and Orhan cross. Orhan could not protect his fiancee Belgin in the past, but this time he wants to protect Hasret. For this reason, they make a deal together so that Hasret can safely go to Germany by protecting Hasret from the psychopath who is obsessed with her. They will stay married for a few months, but fate has already planned for them. (We will only translate Orhan and Hasret scenes in the second season episodes.)
Yapım Yılı : 2019
Oyuncular : Burakhan Yılmaz, Elif Eda Başlamışlı, Tolga Akman
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